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Nov 13, 2012 10:00am PST
will be true and strong ♪ ♪ you don't have to tell me that... ♪ so where exactly are you going? california. san francisco. you're kidding. no. why do you think i'm kidding? because i'm from san francisco. that's where i live. really? what a coincidence. isn't it? small world. so what are you going to do in san francisco? i got accepted to the san francisco college of music. oh. and what do you want to do when you finish music school? well, i hope to be a songwriter. what kind of songs do you write? folk and pop with a little jazz influence. i can't believe you're moving to san francisco. i know. alberto, do you know what this is? alberto: that is a dream catcher. what's a dream catcher? well, according to native american legend, if you place a dream catcher over your bed at night, it catches all the bad dreams and it lets in only the good ones. how wonderful. we all need a dream catcher in our lives. ( cash register opens ) let's see. parts... labor... and, oh yeah, there's the towing. i had hoped to be on my way to san francisco by now. god, this feels like a bad dream. yeah, where's that drea
Nov 7, 2012 10:00am PST
college of music. san francisco? that's right. san francisco, california. rebecca! but rebecca, this school is on the other side of the country. i know that, but if san francisco accepts me and gives me some financial aid, that's where i'm going. but you don't know a soul out there. yes, i do. my godmother lives out there. what, is she rich or something? she has such a big house. no, she's not rich, but she does have a room for me if i get accepted. you're really serious about this, aren't you? dead serious. ( knock at door ) come in. when do we eat? in five minutes. dinner's in the oven. dad's not eating. he went to bed. what's wrong? is he sick? no. he just said he was tired. so, did you hear anything about your applications? you know, to music school? i got three rejection letters. that's too bad. so, what're you going to do? i still have one last hope... a school in san francisco. san francisco... aw... rebecca: dad, what? are you o.k.? no! the red sox lost another game. dad, you make me crazy. is my purse out there? yeah. it's here. what's this? a college brochure. see you
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2